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SINGA / Schlammwiss: Discovery of local birds in a nature reserve

This Wednesday, October 19, 2022, the Schlammwiss reserve welcomed the SINGA team and its community. An activity rich in discoveries of fauna and flora.

The newcomers from the Ukraine, Syria and Congo went through the nature reserve under the guidance of a guide.

It is located in a European Special Protection Area called "Syrian Valley" and is part of the European Network of Nature Protection Natura 2000.

It is a favorite area for birds, one of the reasons why Singa Luxembourg chose this activity.

The participants were briefed on the use of the land in the nature reserve.

It is declared as a special protection area because of the unique and sensitive nature of this wetland.

The participants were given explanations on the capture and identification of birds, as well as the migratory routes they take in their flights.

The activity allowed them to capture the birds, touch them before releasing them into the wild once identified.

The participants in this activity expressed their joy and particular interest in this natural discovery.

Committed to the cultural and professional integration of newcomers, Singa Luxembourg organizes several activities that allow them to immerse themselves in the realities of the host country and to benefit from work opportunities.

Several other activities are scheduled according to the available calendar.

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