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SINGA Luxembourg ASBL

Castle Street, 26A

1329 Luxemburg

LU36 0026 6100 8412 3300



SINGA is an international community of 50,000 members present in 17 cities in 7 countries which aims to build a society rich in diversity, where everyone, regardless of their origin, can fully realize their potential.


In Luxembourg, SINGA promotes the creation of links between newly arrived people (refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants) and local people (knowing the cultural codes of the host society) with the aim of promoting network development. social and professional of each, sources of many opportunities: access to culture, training or housing for example.  


3 activity streams:  

👥 "Community" component: through events, member meetings or activities based on common interests. SINGA helps create positive interactions between locals and newcomers.  

👩‍🏫 "Consulting" component: SINGA  share  its experience and expertise with companies to help them foster intercultural dialogue and inclusiveness within their structures. We offer training and advice on the theme of professional inclusion.

🚀 "Mentoring" component: We support promising ideas by or for newcomers with the aim of promoting their social inclusion and revealing their potential through the ONESTEPFORWARD businessmentoring program in collaboration with BGL BNP Paribas and the Grameen Creative Lab.


By supporting SINGA financially, you help us to:  

- Develop social impact projects throughout the year.

- Provide civic training in intercultural innovation to the general public.  




The SINGA community continues to grow. It extends every day more at the regional, national and international level.  You will surely soon find a SINGA antenna near you!  


In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us:


  • Postal address: Center DrescherHaus   26A rue du Château 1329 Luxembourg

  • Social networks:  facebook ,  LinkedIn 

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