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Our projects

"Contributing to change in an active way" - Jimmy Corneille, Founder

SINGA Luxembourg stands for a world in motion. Movement to bring together ideas, opinions, individuals. Movement in perceptions. Movement in clichés, in preconceived ideas. This movement is so important to create value, because no desirable social project emerges from immobility and withdrawal. The work we do in our association aims at proposing sustainable solutions to the major challenges of our society. 

mentoring SINGA


Our mentoring project is held through the OneStepForward program in partnership with BGL BNP PARIBAS. Mentors and mentees have the opportunity to exchange around a theme in order to develop a solution. 



With the help from staff members and volunteers, SINGA regularly hosts CV and motivation letter workshops to facilitate newcomer's integration in the Luxembourgish job market.


Community Building

Throughout the year, we organize leisure activities with the aim of creating links between newcomers and locals. We offer cultural, educational and sports activities. 

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