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Mudam: Our community visited two contemporary exhibitions

The cultural activities of the SINGA Community were enriched on Wednesday 28 September 2022 with a visit to the MUDAM, Museum of Contemporary Art in Luxembourg.

Two exhibitions were on the agenda yesterday. Tacita Dean's solo exhibition and Tarek Atoui's exhibition and performance entitled Water's Witness.

Under the guidance of the MUDAM team, visitors were briefed on the artistic character of these exhibitions.

The essence of Tacida Dean's art is based on the slogan "A world that does not forget is a world that drowns in its inability to forget. Since the early 1990s, the artist has been developing a singular body of work that unfolds through mediums as varied as film, photography and sound; drawing, printmaking and collage.

According to MUDAM, her work covers a wide range of themes and is distinguished by her attention to the passage of time, history and the minute facts of life. A work that caught the attention of the SINGA community.

Visitors then enjoyed the exhibition by Tarek Atoui. The Waters' Witness exhibition in the Great Hall and Park Dräi Eechelen takes as its starting point the ongoing project initiated by the artist in 2015. The result of research carried out in collaboration with musicians and composers Chris Watson and Eric La Casa, it documents, by means of sound recordings, the human, ecological, historical and industrial realities of coastal cities such as Athens, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Beirut and Porto, whose history has been strongly marked by port activity. According to Mudam, the Lebanese artist's work lies at the crossroads of visual and sound arts.

The visit ended with lively exchanges between the presenter and the visitors.

This is one of the key activities of SINGA Luxembourg, in collaboration with MUDAM, towards its community of mostly Ukrainian newcomers.

Other activities and workshops are planned in the coming weeks, available upon registration.

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