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🎨 SINGA x MUDAM Studio Visit 👩‍🎨

🎨✨ On Tuesday 22 August, we had the opportunity to delve into the captivating world of Alexandra Uppman as part of our collaboration with MUDAM Luxembourg.

🖌️👩‍🎨 We were expected at the studio of the talented artist who explores various artistic techniques, including the famous 'dotting'. Over the years, she has mastered this unique art form and is currently exploring the world of charcoal.

🧐 Thanks to Alexandra's shared experiences and explanations, we had the chance to explore her unique artistic world in depth. This meeting also revealed to us the sometimes little-known reality of an artist's daily life, which is not always as idyllic as you might think.

🎁 Finally, a most precious surprise! Alexandra gave us a personalised gift, for which we express our immense gratitude, as we do to the MUDAM team.

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