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SINGA / In the heart of the orchard: Hoffelt's apples and pears taste good

It is autumn, the season of trees, leaves but also fruits. The Singa community of Luxembourg marked this season with a descent into the orchard on October 12. The new arrivals visited the local pear and apple plantations in Hoffelt, a section of the Luxembourg municipality of Wincrange located in the canton of Clervaux .

The visit was led from start to finish by an orchard guide who spoke to visitors about the activity of fruit production in time and space.

Next comes picking, an activity that greatly interests visitors because of the originality of this work, which is a new discovery for everyone.

Of course, when we harvest apples and pears, we have to taste them. The fruits tasted good.’’ They are delicious…’’ confided Anna, a participant in the activities.

A walk in a nature reserve near an old abandoned bridge project dating from the 19th century sanctioned the activity of the day.

The new arrivals were delighted with this outing of discovery and contact with nature, a new stage in their integration into their new host country, Luxembourg.

Other activities and workshops are planned in the coming weeks according to the charity's agenda.

Singa, it should be remembered, is a non-profit association that works for the socio-cultural integration and professional integration of newcomers to Luxembourg.

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