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🌟 Presentation Guide Associatif - Linkey! project 🌐🤝

We're thrilled to share some updates about our Guide Associatif, a crucial component of our Linkey project within the PAN 2023. 🚀

Tailored for Luxembourgish associations, this initiative is all about fostering a community of inclusivity and promoting best practices in volunteering. At SINGA Luxembourg, we're committed to aiding newcomers in seamlessly integrating into local community initiatives through volunteering opportunities and becoming a "Maker" with our support. 🛠️

Let's continue building a community where everyone feels welcome and supported. 💪 Stay tuned for more updates and inspiring stories from Linkey! 🎉

This project is supported by the Ministry for the Family, Integration and the Greater Region. 👏

Contact us to grab your copy of the Associative Guide ! 📩

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