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News : SINGA in "team building mode" with the HR department of BGL BNP PARIBAS.

The atmosphere was relaxed on Thursday 13 October at L'Orangerie of the Mondorf-les-bains in Luxembourg.

About thirty people from the BGL BNP PARIBAS bank participated in the "interculturality team-building" workshop organised by our team.

This is a playful activity of exchanges, games and interpretation of values. The participants practiced choosing, exchanging and justifying these values through a brainstorming on cultural diversity.

Moral ethics, traditions, honesty, self-esteem, work, intelligence, sharing, were among the values drawn from the cards, the object of the debates in the different groups, led by the SINGA volunteers from Togo, Colombia, Syria and Afghanistan.

The participants, HR employees of the BGL BNP PARIBAS bank, expressed their satisfaction with this day of entertaining activities. It was an opportunity for them to listen to the experiences of newcomers to Luxembourg and their impression of the new realities they experience.

Committed to the cultural and professional inclusion of asylum seekers, SINGA organises weekly activities and workshops with its volunteers.

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