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⛏️[Dry Stones Workshop]⛏️

🌿✨ On October 4th we partnered with Naturpark Our for a unique event focused on mastering the art of building dry stone walls—an UNESCO heritage technique across the globe! 🏡💪

Our diverse group, including locals from Global General Partner SA, the Naturpark Our, our instructors and newcomers, kicked off the day by getting to know each other. 🌍🤝 We placed our markers and took the first steps in constructing our dry stone wall. With teamwork, we successfully crafted a sturdy and impressive base for our wall!

Great job to everyone whose hard work and dedication brought our wall to life. 🙌 As the day unfolded, we shared together and engaged in conversation while playing a fun game about our values. 🍽 We picked three cards representing different values we hold dear and discussed why they matter most to us. It was eye-opening to see the diverse perspectives on life and values within our group.

A huge shoutout to all participants for their enthusiasm and a special thanks to Naturpark Our for co-hosting this activity with us! 🎉🌳

Music track: A Positive Direction by Aylex

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Thank you to Paolo Gianferrara, Julie Bonassi, and BGL BNP Paribas.

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