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🌿Bee Shelters 🐝

🌿✨ We had an amazing time on October 18th partnering with Naturpark Our for a special event dedicated to building shelters for wild bees! Our diverse community, including locals from Global General Partner SA, Naturpark Our, our instructors, and newcomers, started the day by bonding and getting to know one another. 🌍🤝

The day was filled with learning new skills and fostering connections among us. After a delightful lunch break, we dove into a card game where we shared our personal values and exchanged diverse perspectives.💬

Wrapping up the day, we joined forces to assemble more than 20 bee shelters that will soon find their home in nature, providing a safe haven for wild bees. 🐝🏡 Cheers to a day well spent, building a better environment for our buzzing friends! 🌼

Thank you to Paolo Gianferrara, his team, BGL BNP Paribas, and Naturpark Our.

Music track: A Positive Direction by Aylex

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