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🎤Training sessions for pOpera🎭

🎭✨On January 22nd, we had the pleasure of accompanying some newcomers to the first practice session for the pOpera show organized by the EME Foundation and Philharmonie Luxembourg, and supported by the Ministère de la Famille, des Solidarités, du Vivre ensemble et de l'Accueil.

🌟 This is a first for most of the participants, who are discovering the world of theatre and developing their skills in this area. In this play, both locals and newcomers will shine as they showcase their artistic talents, bringing their personal stories to life through singing, acting, and dancing. The show is a celebration of the diverse backgrounds and ethnicities within our community, highlighting the incredible journeys of those who have arrived in a new country.

This performance is set to be a celebration of diversity, with captivating stories unfolding under the guidance of a talented team. 🌍💃

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