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🎉 Team Presentation 🎉


SINGA is an opportunity to interact with different cultures and make a positive contribution to society. Having grown up in Portugal and moved to Belgium when I was young, I am aware of the difficulties of adapting to a new language, culture and environment. This experience made me want to join SINGA in its quest for a society where diversity is seen as a strength, to the benefit of newcomers as well as the local population.


My role at SINGA is to coordinate events and communications: in collaboration with my colleagues, this mission allows me to participate in the organisation of activities aimed at better cultural and professional integration of newcomers.

3 facts about me

1 - I really enjoy listening to people talk about their hobbies and passions.

2 - I don't like to party and prefer to spend time with my family.

3 - I love talking about sport, films and video games.

A quote

"I always live in the present. I don't know the future. I no longer have the past". (Fernando Pessoa)

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