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🌿Preserving our natural heritage 🌿

On Monday 3 July, newcomers and locals got together for a nature conservation activity in the NaturPark Our. This enriching activity not only benefited nature, but also gave our participants the opportunity to learn more about their different life paths 🗣️

During this activity, our participants had a unique opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge about the Himalayan Balsamine (Impatiens glandulifera) and its impact in Luxembourg. Native to the Himalayan regions, it has become an invasive plant of concern in Luxembourg in recent years. It was originally introduced to Europe at the end of the 19th century by beekeepers and amateur gardeners because of its magnificent flowers. The main characteristic of Himalayan Balsamine is its extreme competitiveness, which enables it to out-compete native plant species. It has been particularly successful in colonising areas near Luxembourg's waterways, spreading rapidly 🌱

The impact of this invasive plant is significant. By forming dense populations, Himalayan Balsamine deprives local species of the space, light and nutrients essential to their survival. This leads to a reduction in biodiversity and ecological imbalances in aquatic ecosystems 🥀

The rapid spread of Himalayan Balsamine in Luxembourg requires increased vigilance and appropriate management measures to limit its expansion. We would again like to thank the Cardiff staff for their involvement in this activity 🌟

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