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🎉OneStepFoward Meeting🎉

🎉 On Thursday October 26, our team had the pleasure of welcoming the new cohort of mentor & mentee to Luxembourg as part of our mentoring program, in collaboration with BGL BNP Paribas, the University of Luxembourg as well as SINGA Luxembourg. This program aims to put refugee students in touch with experienced professionals from the local job market in the banking sector for an experience rich in sharing.

✨This opening session was an opportunity to present the program's partner actors and their commitment to professional inclusion in Luxembourg, the program's objectives, the tools and resources available to participants and of course to get to know each other between the mentor/mentee duos while exchanging on various private and professional topics.

🚀We're very pleased with the dynamic that emerged and we're confident that our pairs will be successful in this new session, which promises to be full of good things!

Thank you to BGL BNP Paribas for providing us with the premises in their training area to carry out this event.🙏

The OSF team 💪

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