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🗣️ English learning games 🎲

🎉 On September 27th, we hosted a thrilling board game event in partnership with the talented game creator, Kateryna Mostova! 🎮 It was all part of our Maker Program, supported by the Ministry for the Family, the Greater Region & Integration.

🧠 "Pick and Speak" stole the spotlight during the event – it's not just a game; it's a language learning adventure! 🗣️🌍 Players had a blast honing their speaking and listening skills while tackling exciting questions spanning various categories, from lifestyle to science.

💬 During this session, participants had the chance to brush up on their English skills by selecting one of two different English proficiency levels.✨ They then faced two thought-provoking questions from the category they landed on, making learning both fun and interactive! 🤩📚

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