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🎨Atelier de Peinture Abstraite🖌️

🎨✨ On December 13th we dived into the world of art! 🖌️ Local artist and abstract painter, Ines Hansson, joined us to share her incredible skills and create beautiful art with newcomers as part of our Maker Program, supported by Ministère de la Famille, des Solidarités, du Vivre ensemble et de l'Accueil.

From exploring the colour wheel to discovering tools that add texture to paintings, Ines shared a wealth of tips based on her unique painting style. 🌈✨ Newcomers had the opportunity to unwind, put their newfound knowledge into practice, and create their own stunning artworks.

A huge thank you to Ines and our supporters for making this creative experience possible! 🙌🎨 Let's continue fostering creativity and connection in our community!💫

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