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The SINGA Luxembourg team

Jimmy Corneille SINGA

Jimmy Corneille

Managing Director & Founder SINGA Luxembourg

In parallel to his career in the banking sector and the University of Luxembourg, Jimmy is passionate about sports and has a particular interest in the integration of vulnerable populations. Since 2014, he has been managing the association Léieren & Savoir of which he is the founder. It is thanks to his project management skills as well as his ability to establish professional partnerships and personal links with key institutions and personalities in the hospitality ecosystem in Luxembourg that SINGA has developed to date. As Executive Director, he manages the team of volunteers on a daily basis.

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Sylvain Marguerin SINGA

Sylvain has been resident in Luxembourg for almost 15 years and works at the Grand Ducal Court.  Passionate about current events, he takes a particular interest in the challenges of tomorrow and the solutions to  bring it. He has been a volunteer with the association since its creation.

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Mathieu Reiser SINGA

Mathieu REISER

Operations Officer

Mathieu is currently on an end-of-study internship at SINGA as an Operation Officer, a role in which he ensures the proper development of activities as well as relations with the various partners. He also takes care of communication and visual identity within the association. Currently in the last year of a Master's degree in Management Sciences at the Louvain School of Management, it has now been 2 years since Mathieu started the SINGA adventure. 

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One of my colleagues was already a volunteer at SINGA. So when I was looking for an opportunity to help out, SINGA was one of the first options that came to mind. I took part in CV workshops, and everything went well. I've been a volunteer member of SINGA ever since, mainly involved in helping people into work.

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Having moved to Luxembourg at a young age, I understand how stressful and frightening it can be to start a new life in a country with a very different culture to your own.

With the aim of supporting all newcomers and helping them integrate through various events, SINGA gives me the opportunity to help newcomers feel more at ease and learn more about different cultures.

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Aymeric Le Drezen


Aymeric LeDrezen SINGA

As a volunteer, I am involved in the various actions of the association, in particular the setting up of certain meeting activities.  I find that entrepreneurship is a very noble way to improve one's social condition. Having the will to bring and create value for a community is a tremendous energy. And SINGA allows this energy that exists in the refugees to be able to express itself by giving them the tools and the support to allow them to get started.

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Youcef Sellani SINGA

Youcef Sellani


With a degree in Psychology and a degree from the University of Luxembourg, Youcef contributes to the French-Arabic translation and communication of  association. He also participates in external activities and in the development of future  events.

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