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OneStepForward, is a mentoring program that aims to provide an innovative support for refugee students to bridge the gap between education and employment. Through our mentoring, your collaborators are connected to refugee's students in order to share their experience and skills to help them succeed in their academic and professional pursuits. 

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“A mentor is simply a support that provides a second vision on one’s path, not someone walking the path. ”

- Clement Lefevre, former mentor.


Ignite the power of employee engagement and inclusivity.

A step forward to accelerate your ESG strategies (S focused) by accelerating inclusion through employee empowerment and concrete and impactful programs around diversity. By bridging the gap between talent and opportunity, we create an ideal scenario, where companies gain access to a diverse pool of talented individuals, while young refugees gain the skills, confidence, and network they need to thrive.

Unlocking potential of young refugee students.

OneStepForward goes beyond traditional approaches, empowering young refugees with the necessary guidance and support to successfully navigate their journey into the corporate world. Our innovative mentoring and training programs establish a solid foundation for their integration within the local labor market. Thanks to companies support these aspiring individuals receive tailored guidance, unlocking their potential and fostering their professional growth. 


Our impact :


About us

OneStepForward is born thanks to a simple finding regarding issues for refugee students struggling to get a decent job after many years of studies. Our solution not only contributes to achieving sustainable development goals 1 (no poverty), 4 (quality education), 8 (decent work and economic growth), 10 (Reduce Inequalities) and 17 (partnerships for the goals) established by the United Nations General Assembly, but also to 2 out of the 3 zero objectives established by Professor Muhammad Yunus, Zero unemployment and poverty

To achieve this, we now offer companies a range of turnkey solutions to help them develop their impact in a sustainable way. Among them, our mentoring program with individualized support and invaluable networking opportunities, where we connect talented individuals from your company with motivated refugee's students seeking to integrate and excel in the labor market. Join us on this transformative journey and witness the power of human connection in creating a brighter future.

Our Team

Our team at OneStepForward is a dynamic force driving positive change in the access of the labor market. Led by Jimmy Corneille, our director, we are passionate about delivering innovation and fostering inclusion within the labor market. Mathieu Reiser, our dedicated Operations Officer, ensures that every aspect of our program runs smoothly. Jean-François Rase, our coordinator, works tirelessly to onboard and support our binomes, maximising their potential for success. Together, we form an strong unit, united by a common goal: empowering refugee students and allow local people share their passion/knowledges/network in order to create a brighter future all. With our diverse skills and unwavering commitment, we are shaping an innovative way where opportunities are limitless and dreams become realities for refugee students thanks to comited companies.

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