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🌍✨ SINGA Global's Annual Assembly in Paris!

🗓️ On September 15th and 16th, Paris played host to the SINGA Global General Assembly! It was two days filled with vibrant discussions, idea sharing, and forging new pathways for the future of SINGA.

🤝This gathering provided a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, and strategize collaboratively. Our aim? To empower social inclusion for newcomers and reshape the narrative surrounding migration in a positive light.

🌐 Founded in 2012 in France, SINGA has grown into an international powerhouse with a presence in 18 cities across 7 diverse countries. 🌎🌟 Luxembourg joined the SINGA ecosystem in 2019, and year after year, we celebrate the remarkable growth of our community.

🚀 The future? It's looking promising!

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