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Meet Stéphane...🌟

🎙️Meet Stéphane, an applicant for international protection in Luxembourg, in this inspiring interview with SINGA.

🗣️ Stéphane, a Cameroonian native living in Luxembourg, shares his experience with SINGA:

"Me first, when I arrived in Luxembourg, I wanted to continue with studies. I said to myself, OK, I'm going to give myself the chance to continue my studies. But as applicants for international protection, it was very complicated. One day, I'm in my room and I'm surfing the Internet for associations in Luxembourg and I come across SINGA. And then I saw that they were organising monthly meetings, so I went to one of them and then took part in their activities, and that's how it all started. For me, SINGA is about helping people who are asylum seekers or refugees. Their programmes are really interesting and it's great to see young people, people who really want to help out."

🤝Stéphane is now employed in Luxembourg as an interior fitter on a permanent contract. SINGA is assisting him with the administrative formalities relating to his temporary occupation permit (AOT).

🏆 Stéphane reminds us of the importance of being proactive in the integration process. He advises new arrivals to get involved in available social and professional activities, and above all, to provoke luck by remaining open to new opportunities.

💡A valuable lesson in perseverance and determination to successfully integrate in Luxembourg. Thank you, Stéphane, for this inspiring testimonial!

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