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🎉Cultural Fair🎉

🎉 On May 15th, SINGA Luxembourg proudly hosted its inaugural Cultural Foire! With the incredible contribution of local associations, the goal was to share valuable information and foster new connections between locals and newcomers. Also, it aimed to be an unique opportunity for our beneficiaries to look for volunteering missions🤝✨


Later in the evening, our  'INSPIRE' event brought the community together. Some of our beneficiaries shared their inspiring stories of successful integration and achievements. Moreover, a representative from EMN Luxembourg (European Migration Network) shared with everyone some interesting data on the migration trends in Luxembourg. To close off the event, everyone got to enjoy some food and drinks together in a culturally rich atmosphere. 🌟🌍

With the support of the Ministère de la Famille, des Solidarités, du Vivre ensemble et de l'Accueil. 🙌


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